An undisclosed source has now revealed Taylor Swift’s
hopes and dreams for her relationship with Calvin Harris
prior to its abrupt end » on May 2, 2016.

Us Weekly reports that a source has exclusively disclosed to them that the 26-year-old singer was hoping to
settle down » with the 32-year-old Scottish DJ, after concluding that he was ‘the one’.
Speaking with Us Weekly, the source said:

“She used to talk about their future a lot, marriage, babies. And although he wants all of that, it just felt a bit like she was all full-steam ahead, whereas he is more of a slow and steady, let things progress organically, kind of guy.”
The source adds:

It’s a shame because Taylor is a lovely girl, But it just obviously wasn’t meant to be.”

As earlier reported, Harris was the one who called their 15-month-old relationship quits, but the exes are obviously on good terms as the songwriter made clear when he broke his silence » following the split.
The source also disclosed that the pair were not meant for themselves after all.
“It was simply a case of not being right for each other, They grew apart quite quickly, and although he tried to give her what she wanted, he felt like they’re just in different places. There’s no one else involved.”
Another source has revealed that Swift on the other hand, is taking the split quite well.
“It just wasn’t working anymore.

“She’s OK.”

Meanwhile, Harris has been spotted all smiles post break up as he exited a medical facility in Beverly Hills following a near fatal accident » he was involved in, suffering a few injuries.


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